When is learning actually ‘modern’?

Over the past years, education has evolved from black chalkboards to manila papers, to whiteboards, and now virtual classes; and indeed, it has truly come a long way.

Now, with the numerous technological advancements still being developed and deployed, the system is yet again going through another phase of change, and the question is: When does learning actually becomes “modern”?

These days, the current learning practices that the students receive and utilize are very much different from what their predecessors knew and experienced. Nowadays, they get to experience a dynamic way of learning, as well as receive additional support and resources to help them attain their educational goals which are then achieved through various ways.

The shift from large group discussions to differentiated instruction was already considered as a breakthrough in the field of education, but just as when multiple intelligences are being introduced to more schools globally, the concept of learning “not being the same for everyone” brought the thought that learning can now happen even without being with a larger group.

This change of focus from physical to mobile learning is now being supported by educational technologies developed and offered by various e-learning providers.

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With the current shift in the needs and demands among the students, educators, and even parents, CerebroLMS can be considered as an all-in-one solution with its wide variety of offerings, and LMS Solutions Philippines, OPC is here to contribute to building a thriving educational system for the country’s current and future generations.