Doing virtual labs with CEREBRO® simulations

CEREBRO® allows students to work on virtual laboratory activities even on a fully-online learning setup.

At least 83 open-source interactive simulations from the University of Colorado Boulder’s Physics Education Technology (PhET) have been integrated into CEREBRO® to give students a more satisfying and gamified e-learning experience that will keep them engaged with learning, the fun way.

To access the simulations, students only need to login to their school’s CEREBRO® learning management system and click the SIMULATIONS icon on the dashboard.

After clicking the SIMULATIONS icon, students will already see the list of PhET interactive simulations that are available on CEREBRO®. They can use the search box above the list to look for a specific topic, or they may also browse over the different pages of the list.

And just like that, they can already use dozens of virtual laboratory activities to support their online learning.

Teachers can also integrate the materials within their respective course pages. A related article about this is available on the CEREBRO® knowledgebase (

To know more about how CEREBRO® can help schools in their e-learning implementation, school administrators may book a 20-minute Zoom call with our EdTech specialist at