Conducting virtual class observations with CEREBRO®

CEREBRO® is an all-in-one solution that allows teachers to jumpstart online teaching with the least preparation possible, students to remain engaged with learning the fun way, and school administrators to monitor the teaching-learning process even in an online setting.

Through the integration of BigBlueButton with CEREBRO®, school administrators can conduct virtual classroom observations to ensure that everything is going well even beyond the walls of the physical campus.

With this, school administrators can join live synchronous sessions that are conducted within the LMS without the need to be invited by the teacher or be given a copy of the virtual meeting’s link.

Upon logging in, school administrators can select any level or class from the dashboard, and open any course page with an ongoing lecture.

Once the course page has loaded, the school administrator can click the appropriate BigBlueButton link for the class which, in the above example’s case, is labeled as VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.

When the school administrator is ready to join, he/she can proceed to the session by clicking JOIN SESSION.

BigBlueButton - Wikipedia

That’s it, the school administrator can now see and hear the other participants who are part of the ongoing session.

More information about working with video-conferencing features can be found on the CEREBRO® knowledgebase. Here’s a related article about the different features of BigBlueButton for online classes. (

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