3 Tips on How Schools Could Jumpstart Online

Educational Institutions have significant roles in shaping students’ learning habits during this pandemic, and the drastic shift from face-to-face classes towards online learning can be challenging and overwhelming.

Teaching remotely would require a lot of time to adjust for those who’ve never done it before, but with proper preparation, schools can readily ease their way into the “next normal.”

Here are some tips that would might educational institutions equip themselves for online learning:

1. Develop a Continuity Plan

Due to the pandemic, educational institutions are striving to shift from a physical classroom to a virtual environment. Besides this, institutions should take into consideration forming a continuity plan for the sake of maintaining students’ continuous learning process.

Here are some things that schools should need to be sure of and figured out before starting online classes.

  • Determine the right amount of budget for online classes.
  • Map the timeline for each process flow before starting the online sessions.
  • Distinguish the most appropriate learning management system for the institution and try choosing a platform that best suits the teacher’s teaching habit.
  • Determine the most appropriate virtual learning strategy that students would prefer.
  • Involve teachers in the early decision-making process.

2. Ensure Proper Training for Teachers

Teachers also need time to adjust, wherein proper training ensures them to have sufficient knowledge on how to conduct a well engaged online class.

Additionally, Given that the classroom settings are in virtual mode, they should also require a mock teaching session to check if students show interest in the lessons, which could help them strategize their teaching technique. More importantly, schools ensure proper equipment for teachers to use in conducting classes.

3. Communicate Regularly

Constant communication among teachers, students, and educational institutions can help maintain and improve the online teaching process.

Both teachers and students that give feedback may help educational institutions understand the positives and negatives of their overall online teaching/ learning experience, which further increases online learning development.

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