Success Story: Greenheights Integrated School Inc.

“How is Cerebro helping Greenheights Integrated School Inc. in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic”

No one has ever predicted how this Covid-19 would last long. Schools are one of the most affected since this pandemic started. The main concern of the school head or the teachers is how they continue conducting classes even without the face-to-face class set-up.

Even the students started to worry about what could be the possible changes since there would be a huge transition from traditional learning to a distant learning set-up. Learning while in their comfort zone was a challenging part for the students, same as with the teachers. Internet connection and the lack of gadgets or technologies are also one of their concerns.

Fortunately, there are tons of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that could provide learning solutions for both teachers and students.

Teacher Irma, the School Directress of Greenheights Integrated School Inc. said, “There’s one LMS provider that stands out from the rest…” which is the Cerebro. She also stated that Cerebro answers all her queries, from how the teachers could deliver their lessons to the students, down to monitoring all their daily activities even without going to school physically.

Having a virtual classroom, prepared lessons for each quarter, and also a messenger that the teachers and students could use to reach out are just examples of the features that made Cerebro stand out for them.
With the help of Cerebro, the teaching staff of Greenheights Integrated School Inc. finds it easy to discuss their lessons and give great activities in each content.

Moreover, Cerebro values the privacy of all users of the platform. Teacher Irma mentioned that the data of all the users are being kept confidential. In this way, the parents are well assured that the students are in good hands.

“One-stop shop” is the term Teacher Irma used to describe why Cerebro is a highly recommended Learning Management System (LMS) provider for her.

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