Measuring student learning through auto-graded tests

The ongoing pandemic impacted the global education landscape where teachers traditionally used to spend a lot of time checking examinations manually.

Fortunately, a learning management system (LMS) like CEREBRO®, which incorporates an auto-graded test as one of its main features, can solve this problem which ushered the revolution in how examinations used to be conducted. 

With the auto-graded test, it doesn’t only save time for teachers but it is also a great way to measure immediately the students’ academic knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

Questions with definite answers such as those with multiple choice or true or false types of tests can automatically be checked by the system, where teachers will only have to input the questions and their correct answers, and the system will do the rest. 

Auto-graded tests provide students’ results immediately, which is a great benefit, as the teachers and parents are using test scores to gauge their student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. 

In this way, students can have ample time to review the lesson and know where to improve, as they can be informed instantly after answering the exam about their performance. 

Additionally, automatic grading systems are also useful for ensuring equity in grading student submissions to quizzes and providing timely feedback on the work. 

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