2 Struggles of Parents vs. E-Learning

Parents this year did not go through with the hassle of taking or fetching their kids to school everyday. However, the burden of teaching, disciplining, and being full-time or hands-on is passed down to the parents.

Although it is a plus for parents to be able to spend more time with their children, it remains a downside knowing that they also have their day jobs on a work-from-home arrangement.

With this, we came up with two major struggles that parents experience with remote learning.

1. Keeping their Children Focused

There are memes that have been trending that mothers are holding one slipper on the side while their child is video conferencing with their classmates and teachers. This is one way to keep their children focused on what the teacher is saying and study well. Since the attention span of elementary students is quite short that ranges from 16 minutes to 36 minutes.

Parents do not need to do this and should trust their children and teachers. Instead, teachers may give a short break every after 30 minutes to let the children do what they want. This will also help them focus if they promise to have a break it is like a “reward” for the students after listening to the teacher.

2. Wide Technology Gap and Implied Costs

In a report by Rappler (2020), Bonz Magsambol interviewed a struggling mom who said that she cannot guide her children with online classes since she does not know anything about computers. Aside from this, it was also noted that e-learning poses an additional burden in terms finances since they have to chip in with their neighbor’s internet subscription and electricity bills.


With this, teachers should consider utilizing a learning management system that is both affordable and accessible for offline use.

CerebroLMS is one of the tools that allow offline availability using a mobile application so it is a great option for both students and teachers who cannot afford to have stable internet access every single day.

Everyone seems to have been affected by the shift to remote learning, and having a reliable and easy to use platform will definitely ease the related burdens, and hope for better days ahead that will help reduce the stress and anxiety amidst the current global pandemic.