Encouraging small group discussions with BigBlueButton

Since the onset of the pandemic, the need for synchronous discussions through video conferencing applications has surged more than ever, and this became a challenge for technology providers, especially those in the eLearning sector.

Fortunately, learning management systems (LMS) like CEREBRO® integrate open-source solutions such as BigBlueButton which can support virtual classes at a lower cost.

Unlike other professional video conferencing tools, BigBlueButton works directly within the browser without the need to download an external application to make it work.

It can support up to 200 streams per session, or the number of open cameras multiplied by the total number of participants, which makes it best for small group discussions or classes with average class sizes.

Aside from regular meeting features such as screen sharing, internal chat, and session recording, BigBlueButton also allows the pre-uploading of PowerPoint presentations and the use of a virtual whiteboard for on-screen annotations.

In addition, BigBlueButton also supports the sharing of individual tabs and windows which allows teachers to easily switch between applications during video conferencing sessions.

Teachers can also encourage students to communicate and work with each other by creating timed breakout rooms either manually or automatically.

CEREBRO® users can easily create or join BigBlueButton sessions within their LMS without the need to create a separate account. Moreover, school administrators can also join ongoing meetings anytime for academic monitoring purposes.

If you would like to learn more about how you can maximize the use of BigBlueButton in your online classes, you may contact our Customer Success Officer at customersuccess@cerebrolms.com.