6 Reasons Why Online Learning is Here to Stay

The change from traditional face-to-face to online classes was seen as the pandemic started, and health protocols such as social distancing and hygienic procedures have been required. Additionally, the power and evolution of technology and the internet made learning more accessible for all since it does not restrict to physical attendance anymore.

This opens various possibilities, and here are some reasons why it is here to stay:

1. It creates flexibility.

Online learning creates opportunities for students to study at their most convenient time since they control their own schedule. Absenteeism is no longer a major problem here, and this is a great avenue for everyone to improve their time management skills and achieve work-life balance. Individuals can also allot time for their other personal agenda.

2. It is more accessible.

Teachers will have more access to a diverse set of students, and other than that, costs will also be less since teachers can save money from traveling going to school as compared to just working at home or anywhere they are comfortable with. It does not limit, for example, students who want to take courses abroad as they can do this through online courses.

3. It is a prelude to the workforce.

Since students will be more exposed in learning online, they will be more comfortable with the evolution and changes of technology that they can bring when they join the workforce. Technology such as messaging and video conferencing are important especially now that almost all universities transitioned to online classes.

4. It is more cost-effective.

Students will be able to save up money from commuting and acquiring expenses from buying materials for their different course requirements. Most of the e-learning tools are available for free, or are already included in the school’s miscellaneous fees.

5. It creates a better feedback.

Since teachers are required to give more assessment activities to measure students’ learning, they can easily identify learning gaps and provide the necessary solutions and feedback for it.

6. It allows a more customized learning experience.

With the use of different learning management systems (LMS) coupled with ready-made learning materials in the form of e-books, photos, videos or course presentations, students will have more flexibility in choosing options for learning.

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