3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Managed LMS

While open-source learning management systems (LMS) are available for anyone to download and install for their school’s use, the task of setting-up and maintaining the platform might be something that could cost schools a lot in the long run.

Here are the three main reasons why you should choose a managed LMS for your school:

1. Save on IT costs

The costs of setting up an in-premise server that can support the surge in LMS users due to the current fully-online learning setup is definitely a very large investment for the school to make.

Aside from the costs of procuring a server with the minimum required specifications, schools will also have to look for an Internet service provider that can give them enough speed and bandwidth that will allow students and teachers from remote locations to connect to the school’s network to access the LMS all at the same time, not to mention that there are also users within the campus who are connecting to the same network for their office operations.

Scalability is definitely one of the most pressing issues that school IT teams are facing when choosing to have their own physical setup since being able to install and run the LMS is a different story from being able to accommodate hundreds, if not thousands of students, connecting to the same machine at exactly the same time.

2. Leave support to the experts

The shift to a fully-online learning setup is definitely a new thing for most teachers and students in the Philippines, hence, a lot of issues and concerns is expected to rise on both the technical and academic aspects of the LMS implementation.

While in-house IT and academic support teams are experts in their respective fields, operating an LMS in a full-blown situation may still be something that not everyone can easily figure out.

As such, e-learning specialists are employed by LMS companies to provide operational support to different schools so proper assistance may be given to solve the users’ problems at the shortest possible time.

3. Start learning right away

Since schools will not have the hassle of setting up and maintaining the LMS, teachers and administrators can jump right into the teaching-learning process immediately.

LMS companies like CEREBRO® also provide teachers with ready-to-use instructional materials in the form of course presentations, auto-graded quizzes, interactive simulations, and printable modules to they can focus on facilitating students’ learning, and save up to 400 hours of preparation time per year.

If you would like to know more how a managed LMS like CEREBRO® can help your school jumpstart e-learning with the least preparation possible, you may book a 20-minute Zoom call with our e-learning specialist at https://bit.ly/cerebro-meet.