Online vs. Physical Learning: Which is Better?

For students, meeting their teachers, classmates, and friends could be among the things they look forward to in the physical school setup, and some might even say that hearing lectures in the classroom and meeting their group mates personally at library discussion rooms is better than facing a computer all day.

However, various video conferencing applications and programs now allow learners to have a good learning experience, even without physical interaction.

Actually, one of the downsides of studying at home is not being able to interact with people such as teachers, classmates, and friends. Students can only catch up with them through video conferencing calls, and if there is a need to reach out for class-related matters, lots of distractions are always available at home keeping them from focusing on their education.

A University professor even claimed that teaching online feels like talking to a wall because students are usually on mute, unlike in the classroom setup where reactions can be heard or seen in an instant.

Thankfully, there are technological tools such as BigBlueButton that teachers can use to make their classes more interactive. BigBlueButton has a built-in virtual whiteboard feature that allows both teachers and students to write on or annotate their ideas or responses just like in the physical classroom setup. Moreover, teachers have the ability to fully control their online classroom through the use of meeting controls and breakout rooms for more individualized discussions. In addition, BigBlueButton does not need to be downloaded as it runs directly on the browser, making it a user-friendly solution for those with limited technical knowledge.

In conclusion, it can be said that while online learning is very much different to what people are used to, educational technology providers such as CerebroLMS is working very hard to address the gap and make e-learning a viable solution for education to take place anytime and anywhere.

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