5 Online Class Problems That Are Actually Solvable

Many students are still having a hard time to adjust with the new mode of learning, that is, online. While having online classes is still the best option to ensure educational continuity for now, several issues are rising which might affect the productivity, performance and motivation of the students and teachers alike.

Here are the common problems that students are experiencing with online classes along with the suggested solutions in addressing them.

Problem 1: Technical Issues

The Philippines is considered as one of the countries where internet connection is really bad, hence, many students are experiencing issues such as losing their device’s connection from time to time.

In addition, students may also experience unnecessary background noises which might affect the whole class since this can cause misunderstandings among everyone. While there are high-quality microphones who offer solutions to this, some students might not have the resources to afford such premium devices.

SOLUTION: The solution for these would be informing the professor ahead of time about the student’s situation so they can both find alternative ways to ensure minimum disruptions during the session. This way, there would be a mutual understanding between the teacher and the student, and they can exercise flexibility in dealing with the matter.

Problem 2: Time Management

Students learning from their homes may find it difficult to focus on their school-related tasks since they might also be multitasking with household chores.

SOLUTION: Students having such problems may plot their school and home schedules in an organized manner so they will know what to focus on in different times of the day. Doing this may also increase their productivity among various tasks.

Problem 3: Motivational Concerns

Even before the era of online classes, the lack of motivation has been a perennial problem among students. There are many students out there who do not have motivation at all to attend synchronous classes or even do the homework assigned to them, while some are just doing them for the sake of being able to submit something.

SOLUTION: Try improving the student’s learning environment as this could help increase motivation. If the place that the student has dedicated for school works is conducive enough for learning, then interest in doing educational tasks might come in easily. Try adding some plants or any furniture that would set the student’s mood for learning. A tip would be changing the light into a more natural tone during daytime as this has been proven to be a great mood enhancer. Additionally, knowing and focusing on a single goal would help students to be motivated with online classes.

Problem 4: Technology Adaptation

Not all students are really familiar with the tools and gadgets being utilized for online learning as they may have come from different economic and cultural backgrounds. Hence, technology adaptation requires time and effort for students to even acquaint themselves with new technology.

SOLUTION: Try reaching out with the school for administrative support. Most schools have prepared guides on how students can easily adapt to the technological changes involved in the learning process. Aside from this, watching online instructional videos may also help students understand how certain tools work.

Problem 5: Personality Differences

Not all students are able to learn the same way. Thus, the concept of multiple intelligences has been introduced in most schools around the world in the recent years.

In relation to this, psychology experts say that students might have different ways of learning where they are most comfortable with, and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

SOLUTION: Schools may choose to utilize learning management systems that allows teachers to implement differentiated learning strategies among their students. One good example is CerebroLMS which provides learning materials on the core competencies that all students should commonly posses, while the teacher can add a variety of activities that will support students’ learning in different ways.

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