Nearly 300 teachers join CEREBRO®’s ‘freedom’ event

Hundreds of teachers have participated in the independence day special webinar organized by CEREBRO® that shared ways on how teachers can #TeachSmartLiveSmart.

The event entitled “Freedom from Stress: Easing Teachers’ Workload with CerebroLMS,” was aired live on both Facebook and Zoom on June 12, 2021, with the attendees being estimated to have reached a combined total of 285 across various platforms.

“We aim to innovate teaching by allowing our fellow educators, both young and seniors alike, to jumpstart e-learning amidst the pandemic and make teaching in the new normal an enjoyable passion, and not just a stressful job that could give them thoughts of leaving their careers,” said CEREBRO® Founder and CEO Jonald Justine Itugot who served as session’s facilitator.

Based on data from the Department of Education, a teacher spends at least two hours per day for teaching preparation, which sums up to around 400 hours for the entire school year. This number has just doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic since teachers were required to produce a year’s worth of digital materials so that their schools can get certified for online learning.

For its part, CEREBRO® provides teachers with ready-to-use course presentations, auto-graded quizzes, interactive simulations, and printable modules on a cloud platform to help teachers jumpstart online teaching with the least preparation possible and save time for their personal and social well-being.

If you have missed the event, a recording is still available for on-demand viewing at

If you are a school administrator looking for a solution to address faculty workload and high turn-over rates, you may also book a 20-minute Zoom call with the CEREBRO® team.

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