Increasing student engagement using forums

When teaching shifted from face-to-face to online setup as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became extremely difficult for teachers to maintain an actively engaging online class environment. 

With the use of learning management systems, teachers can track students’ progress, identify which competencies are mastered, design gamified and interactive lessons, and most importantly, teachers may engage their students more actively. 

With CEREBRO®, which incorporates discussion forums into its course pages, teachers can encourage students’ engagement in class discussions by submitting comments, thoughts, and ideas regarding the subject matter. 

An interactive discussion between a teacher and a student promotes the engagement of students because it encourages others to participate. This also provides an additional learning opportunity for students, who can observe how their peers respond to questions and get insight from the discussion. 

Teachers can easily conduct graded recitation in forums by posting a topic and asking the students to answer it. 

Furthermore, forums can be used to crowdsource information, particularly when learners share information that cannot be found in other sources. Aside from that, forums can be used to post an announcement, assignment, or other important topics for teachers to discuss.

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