How to integrate DepEd TV with CEREBRO®

Teachers coming from schools with existing CEREBRO® subscriptions can easily integrate videos from DepEd TV into their course pages by following these simple steps:

1. Select a DepEd TV Episode from YouTube

To start integrating DepEd TV resources, teachers must first select an episode from DepEd TV’s YouTube channel (

Once an episode has been selected, click the SHARE button and COPY the link that will appear on the screen.

2. Integrate the episode in CEREBRO®

Once you already have the link, go to your course page in CEREBRO® where you would like to integrate the DepEd TV episode, enable the edit mode by clicking the GREEN button on the top navigation bar, and click ADD AN ACTIVITY OR RESOURCE. (Related Link: Adding/Deleting an Activity or Resource)

On the dialog box that will appear on your screen, select URL.

Give your URL a title and type it on the textbox labeled as NAME, and paste the link you have copied from YouTube on the EXTERNAL URL textbox.

On the APPEARANCE panel you may choose to either display the video automatically (Automatic), embed it within the page (Embed), open it on a separate tab (Open), or launch it in a pop-up window (In Pop-up).

When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page to SAVE your settings.

That’s it! The DepEd TV episode you have selected is now integrated into your CEREBRO® course page.

To know more about what other things you can integrate with CEREBRO® and determine how it can help your teachers jumpstart online teaching with the least preparation possible, book a quick Zoom call with our EdTech specialist at