EdTech Startup Bares 5-Year Development Plan

To support its value proposition of “providing teachers with digital instructional resources so they can save up to 400 hours per year for their personal and social well-being,” EdTech startup CerebroLMS recently launched its 5-year development plan for 2021-2025.

During the company’s strategic planning held on December 28 to 29, 2020, LMS Solutions Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer Jonald Justine Itugot said that their focus for the next five years will be on further product development and on increasing market reach throughout the country.

“Our goal is to increase our market reach by 20 percent every year so that by 2025, we will have covered the entire Philippines already,” he said.

Among the company’s priorities for the period are the completion of teaching materials for the Department of Education’s senior high school program especially in the areas of applied and specialized courses, and the preparation of printable modules that will allow students with connectivity issues to continue learning even without accessing their school’s learning management system.

To support the latter, LMS Solutions Philippines is partnering with its sister company, Caritas Bookstore & Publishing House, for the development and distribution of educational modules in print format.

For its day-to-day operations, CerebroLMS has allotted a seven-figure budget for the year 2021 alone despite being a bootstrapped company since its incorporation prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.