CerebroLMS now part of DOST TOMASInno Center

In its bid to further develop its product and expand its network in the education sector, CerebroLMS has been officially accepted into the Department of Science and Technology’s TOMASInno Center (DOST-TIC) for the year 2021.

Known as the technology business incubator managed by the University of Santo Tomas (UST), the DOST-TIC provides startups with branding, pitching, marketing, prototyping, business planning and commercialization assistance, as well as access to a working space along the UST campus and the ability to connect with thousands of students, researchers, academic staff, and alumni of the Thomasian community.

Currently, the DOST-TIC offers privileges to startups founded by UST students, faculty members, researchers, and alumni.

“We provide activities that will spark our Thomasian students’ innovative entrepreneurial minds, regardless of their chosen academic program, and provide custom-tailored incubation and mentoring programs to our TOMASInnovators,” the DOST-TIC stated in its website.

Last year, the DOST-TIC was able to include in its portfolio 16 startups in the fields of social innovation, aquaculture, food, sports, rehabilitation engineering and sciences, healthcare innovation, internet of things, water sustainability, microbiology, and travel.

“Our participation in the DOST-TIC is a way of going back to my alma mater who inculcated in me the ideals of compassion, competence, and commitment. Our advocacy of helping teachers to teach and live smartly speaks highly of these three C’s, so I know that UST is the right partner in achieving our goals,” said CerebroLMS CEO Jonald Justine Itugot, who is an alumnus of UST College of Education.