CerebroLMS completes Ideaspace program

In line with its bid to fast track the offering of a solution that will drastically reduce faculty workload, CerebroLMS successfully completed on December 2020 its participation in the Ideaspace Acceleration Program.

During the virtual demo day on December 11, CerebroLMS Chief Executive Officer Jonald Justine Itugot said that their goal is to allow teachers to jumpstart online learning, focus more on the relational aspect of teaching, and save time for their personal and social lives.

“We aim to revolutionize teaching by allowing our fellow educators, both young and seniors alike, to jumpstart e-learning amidst the pandemic and make teaching in the new normal an enjoyable passion, and not just a stressful job that could give them thoughts of leaving their careers,” he said in his pitch that was broadcasted live globally through the Virnew platform and on several social networking sites.

For over six months, CerebroLMS joined Ideaspace’s first ever virtual pre-acceleration and acceleration programs that featured mentoring sessions with industry experts and technical guidance in the development of their minimum viable product.

This year’s cohort, the eighth since 2012, included startups focusing on the healthcare, human resources, tourism, entertainment, and education sectors.

Ideaspace Foundation Inc. is the non-profit accelerator of the MVP Group of Companies. It is currently led by Manny V. Pangilinan, chairman; Butch Meily, president; and Diane Eustaquio, executive director.