Human Resource Officer [Closed]

We are hiring a HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICER! CerebroLMS is looking for a human resource officer who is a graduate of a four-year bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Business Administration, or any similar program. Having excellent written and verbal communication skills and a considerable experience in working as an HR professional is an advantage. […]

Account Managers (Remote) [Open]

CerebroLMS is an e-learning company that is looking for part-time account managers who are at least senior high school graduates or college undergraduates in Commerce, Business, Marketing, or any similar program; with excellent written and oral communication skills; and preferably with experience in working with clients from the education industry. Those accepted will be entitled […]

Administrative Staff [Closed]

CerebroLMS is looking for a work-from-home ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF who is at least a senior high school graduate, or a college undergraduate in Business Administration, Office Management, or any similar program, and/or has a considerable experience in general office administration. Fill up our online form at and send your application letter and resume to our […]

Instructional Designers [Closed]

CerebroLMS is looking for work-from-home project-based INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS who are Licensed Professional Teachers with excellent written communication skills and are able to create effective student assessment activities for one month. Send your application letter and resume to our Human Resource Officer at You may also visit our company website at to know more […]

Marketing Interns [Closed]

We’re looking for work-from-home INTERNS who would like to hone the skills they learned from school in the corporate setting. If you are enrolled in an internship course in marketing, communications, multimedia arts, or any similar program, join us and learn from our young team of #EdTech ambassadors. Send your application letter and resume to […]