7 Quick Tips on Improving Academic Performance

During remote learning, many students struggle to improve their grades, since most of them are distracted by their family, work, and academic responsibilities. Luckily, there’s a study that provides some strategies that students can implement to improve their academic performances during online learning. Here are some tips that are sure to make a difference in […]

Fostering student-teacher relations with messaging

The transition from face-to-face to online interaction between teachers and students made a lot of changes and challenges in how they can communicate. A good student-teacher relationship has many positive implications for students’ academic and social development.  One important way to establish this relationship is through proper communication. Having good communication can also help to […]

8 Best Free Educational Websites for Learning

Since the onset of the pandemic, many students had to make big changes to the way they learn.  Fortunately, there’s a range of great learning apps and websites that offer exceptional, stimulating reading materials, and helpful assistance. Below is the list of educational apps and websites that students can use in their online learning: 1. […]