Beating Teachers’ Burnout the EdTech Way

Teachers spend at least two hours per day preparing teaching materials, which may seem insignificant but can lead to anxiety, fear, and burnout over time. The accumulation of long working hours disrupts work-life balance, especially since much of this time goes unpaid. Overworked teachers are often cited as a barrier to students reaching their full […]

7 Quick Tips on Improving Academic Performance

During remote learning, many students struggle to improve their grades, since most of them are distracted by their family, work, and academic responsibilities. Luckily, there’s a study that provides some strategies that students can implement to improve their academic performances during online learning. Here are some tips that are sure to make a difference in […]

Fostering student-teacher relations with messaging

The transition from face-to-face to online interaction between teachers and students made a lot of changes and challenges in how they can communicate. A good student-teacher relationship has many positive implications for students’ academic and social development.  One important way to establish this relationship is through proper communication. Having good communication can also help to […]

8 Best Free Educational Websites for Learning

Since the onset of the pandemic, many students had to make big changes to the way they learn.  Fortunately, there’s a range of great learning apps and websites that offer exceptional, stimulating reading materials, and helpful assistance. Below is the list of educational apps and websites that students can use in their online learning: 1. […]

Measuring student learning through auto-graded tests

The ongoing pandemic impacted the global education landscape where teachers traditionally used to spend a lot of time checking examinations manually. Fortunately, a learning management system (LMS) like CEREBRO®, which incorporates an auto-graded test as one of its main features, can solve this problem which ushered the revolution in how examinations used to be conducted.  […]

7 Best Websites for Academic Research

It’s quite challenging to write a research paper even if you are good at writing. With the advent of digital libraries, it became very easy for everyone to read and write academic research and have access to a variety of research papers that are published in an enormous number of publications. Here are some of […]

9 Tips on Improving Academic Writing

Writing academic papers is one of the most dreadful activities that a student faced in school. As academic writing features a serious tone and presents theories and facts, it proves to be vital for the intellectual growth of every student. Here are some tips on improving academic writing skills and enhancing students’ academic papers. 1. […]

7 Best Practices in Developing Study Habits

Since the pandemic began, many students have not been used to remote learning causing a big challenge even to those with good study habits. Fortunately, the Center for Academic Innovation of the University of Michigan released a guide for students to help them regain control over the situation. Here are some recommendations that can help […]