3 Tips in Making Your Online Class More Interactive

Having fun and engaging face-to-face class discussion is already difficult, and the COVID-19 situation made it even harder. Everyone is stuck at home and all the schools and universities resort to distance learning or online classes. With this, teachers are challenged to have an interactive, distraction-free, and fruitful class, and fortunately, there’s a solution to that problem. Here are three tips for making your online classes more interactive.

Tip #1: Provide fun classroom guidelines

In one of my classes, my professor has this rule to have a 5-minute break in our 1 ½ hour of class every 30 minutes. It is the time for us to keep our eyes away from the screen of our laptops or phones and also dedicate that time to breathe, drink, eat, or have a quick bathroom break. It was actually my first time to have this rule in our online class and it is also fun for me because I am more interested to listen to our professor during the class time since I know he always gives us time for us to rest.

Aside from that, one of my old professors wanted to have a costume party on Zoom last Halloween. He gave this as an assignment for his class to be more fun, and to be something to look forward to. Additional bonus points for the professor because the assignment was so easy!

Tip #2: Engage the class using other platforms

Utilizing game-based learning programs can boost interest and be active in class. Platforms such as Kahoot and Gimkit allow students to participate and have fun in class. If you want a one-stop shop to have an engaging class, CerebroLMS offers a wide variety of game simulations for students to enjoy and earn knowledge while having fun.

Trivia: Did you know that Gimkit was created by a high school student who wanted to play in class.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to instill teamwork and ask for feedback

The online class allows students to work alone such as answering modules, books, writing essays, etc. Moreover, students do not have much interaction with their peers than the ordinary class. Most of them miss talking and working in teams. In this way, they will be given a chance to reconnect and build friendships even though it is an online class and they cannot meet each other physically.

Encourage students to work as a team. They have to eventually get to know each other and build friendships among themselves. During this time most of us feel alone and this is the right time for us to have a connection and at the same time learn from each other. Students have the opportunity to work and learn together.

Teachers also should ask feedback from the students to check them up. If they are doing great as a team and having difficulties in the team or even in class. This is also a new way for teachers to know where they can improve on.